Most of my clients have already read about Hypnosis before they come, so I will try to not repeat what is easily available all over the web.


Hypnosis work is based on communication with the subconscious, a journey, if you will, into the fantastic symbology of the deeper reaches of the mind. Hyponosis is NOT sleep or unconsciousness, it is not a comatose state, but more like deep meditation or contemplation with purpose, an intense inner focus.


Real and lasting change is based on experience, on ah-ha moments of realization, and their resulting knowingness and understanding that allows transitions naturally, without effort, without force. Hypnosis is an inner experience, or an adventure of the mind that allows such a profound experience in a safe and effective way. The only requirement for success  is willingness, willing to be open, willing to experience a new perception. Hypnosis cannot force you to do anything against your will.


We can look at any issue from exam anxiety to fear of spiders, all the way to abuse and trauma, depression and panic attacks. Virtually, any issue is influenced positively with hypnosis. We can do inner child work, cutting cords, wise mind, transformational healing, parts therapy, coaching, awareness exercises, visualizations, affirmations, regressions, and a whole range more.



The cost for a session is chf 130.-- . Email for an appointment, or for more information.


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Atelier es2 is a fine art studio in Loveland,  Colorado,

and is part of the Artworks artist community.

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Eichmann-Sueess, Sylvia 


Atelier es2


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