An island of calm in a busy day, a moment to center oneself and become the quiet eye-of-the-storm whilst life swirls around us. Yet, even more, self-hypnosis is self-support in achieving goals of any kind.


Relaxation and positive affirmations or allowing yourself to day-dream freely about your wishes, go a long way in helping achieve your target.


Echo Self-Hypnosis.  

Inspired by Cal Banyan's 7th Path System, this method is a way of re-programming the subconscious mind by neutralizing negative and disruptive thought patterns, without the need for analysis.

Is is effective in removing obstacles to achievement, and is an excellent support in dealing with addictions, stress, depression and burn-out, recurring thoughts, etc.  


Taught either during sessions, privately, or in a goup.

Get creative!

Discover your wisdom. Change your world.

Even for the artistically challenged.



Atelier es2 is a fine art studio in Loveland,  Colorado,

and is part of the Artworks artist community.

es2 ....

my initials:

Eichmann-Sueess, Sylvia 


Atelier es2


Artworks Studio 116

310 N. Railroad

Loveland, Colorado, USA

+1 (970) 646-8714